Saturday, February 5, 2011

And the winner is.....

Friday we held our first rehearsal at the Wadsworth American Legion hall. If you see a member of the American Legion, please thank them profusely for allowing us to meet there. I think it will be a nice place for us to work on our production over the coming months.

I am currently seeking the ultimate performance location. This next week I will check with the main branch of the Akron Library to see if we could use their (very nice) theater. Jen Gorman knows that the library offers the theater space to the community free of charge as long as no library programs are scheduled for that day. Also...Valley View Chapel is willing to allow us to use their space too, but our current production date is a problem for them. They have multiple weddings taking place in July which could be problematic. I am also planning on asking Northside if they could house us, but am waiting until next month due to the same scheduling concerns. I know Northside also likes to keep the sanctuary free for potential wedding needs, but I am assuming by March any summer weddings would have been booked and will be on their calendar. I am confident we will find a suitable place to hold our production complete with air conditioning! That is amazing!

And finally........the kids voted this past Friday regarding their choice of musical. There was much debate and discussion and a winner was selected. However, after much consideration and pondering, I realized that not EVERYONE got to voice their opinion. (We had 8 absences this past week). Therefore, we will have a re-vote this next Friday. If you cannot attend drama rehearsal, please email or phone me your vote. I am planning to read all the scripts in their entirety this next week so I can have a better idea of the "funny factor", casting issues, etc.   

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Spoerndle (aka Regenia )

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