Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have a plan!

This past Friday, the Homescool Players voted to continue as one large group. Fantastic! What that means for all of us is a change of plans for this season. We will say "Goodbye" to William Shakespeare for now and "Hello" to.......???? To be determined. The group is deciding which musical they want to perform, so yes, we will be singing and dancing our way through winter.

For those of you who haven't heard yet we also have a new rehearsal location. We will be meeting at the American Legion Hall in downtown Wadsworth from now on. Unfortunately, my living room was beyond maximum capacity as our little drama club has blossomed to 26 participants plus Drama Mamas. This is a record for our group. Amazing, wonderful and BUSY! :-)

If anyone needs directions to the American Legion Hall just use MapQuest or Google Maps. It is located on High Street, Wadsworth and is very near Central Middle School and Dominoes pizza. If you wish to stay in downtown Wadsworth while the kids rehearse I have it on good authority that the Wadsworth Library and Whole Day Cafe are awesome retreats.

As always...any questions or concerns please call or email. I gave each of the kids both of my phone numbers last Friday, so you should be well equipped with contact information.

See you Friday!

Mrs. Spoerndle (aka Regenia)

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