Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello again!

We keep growing and growing and growing! It's great to have so many talented kids to work with this year. I'm happy you are all a part of the Homescool Players 2011 season. I will do my best to make it a memorable season for all. Today, we had 25 members for our group.

Because our little group of 13 has grown exponentially, we are making some adjustments. I asked the kids to consider the following over this next week:

1) Split into two smaller groups and perform two different Shakespeare plays. Each group would meet every other week until school is over for me, early May. At that point we would pick an alternative evening for one of the groups to meet, so everyone could meet weekly. When performance time came we would hold a "Shakespeare Festival" with both performances performed the same evening.

2) Scrap the Shakespeare idea for another year and choose a musical production. We would continue to meet weekly (all together) and be
in need of a location to perform. I am currently checking into options for alternative rehearsal locations as well if we stay as a single group. My living room is large, but......we are currently out growing that. :-)

I am willing to do whatever the majority desires. If we cannot find alternative rehearsal space it might be a problem to stay as one large group with one large production. Although....with a musical you can easily design rehearsals to work on individual components for a short time pulling everyone together at the end.

This may all seem like a problem when you read it, but trust me I am not stressed at all.
Directing the Homescool Players has been an incredible experience for me of things happening that I never dreamed possible. In my perspective, this is divine intervention; testimony of how much God loves His children. I know it isn't because I'm so smart. LOL To see this group grow to this level is testimony that we are all doing something right. I am anxious to see how this year's experience transforms us once again.

See you all on Friday at 4pm!

Regenia (aka Mrs. Spoerndle )

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